alison buchan-grant
Alison Buchan-Grant gives her answers to some common questions:
  1. Q: Do you come to clients’ homes or do you work remotely?
    A: The vast majority of the time I do a full consultation in people’s homes because that’s going to give me the best feel for their interior, as well as allow me to get to know their personality and assess their needs. As well as the initial consultation I will usually come to your home again to make sure everything looks right and, where required, to oversee tradespeople and dress the finished room.

  2. Q: Do you just work with clients in York and the surrounding area?
    A: No, while I am based in York and many of my clients are here I work for people all over the UK and will travel wherever required.

  3. Q: I just want some new curtains, would this project be too small for you?
    A: No, the service is very flexible so I can do anything from creating new curtains to complete design schemes

  4. Q: If I had a large scale project, such as a complete house renovation, would you be able to handle this?
    A: Yes of course. I am a qualified designer and highly experienced in handling large scale projects. I also have a team of people that I work with including fellow designers, fitters, textile designers and craftspeople so there isn’t a limit to the size of scheme I can undertake.

  5. Q: Do you have a specific style that you specialise in?
    A: No. While of course I have personal preferences, I very much adapt my designs to the style and personality of the client – it’s their home after all! I can create interiors that range from very modern and ‘clean’ to very classic and elegant and everything in between. While I always aim to express the individuality of the client through the design, I always ensure that the finished result is beautiful – whatever style it is.

  6. Q: How do you keep up to date on modern design trends?
    A: Because I’m working with designers, fabric manufacturers and textile experts all the time I get to know what the latest trends are through my every day work. I keep abreast of the design media to see what’s coming through and I regularly attend trade shows such as Decorex. I also try and fit in trips to design rich locations such as London and Paris and enjoy visiting craftspeople and workshops to see the manufacturing process in action.

  7. Q: Is it expensive to use a professional interior designer?
    A: While it is a luxury it is more affordable than you might think, especially if you consider the value of doing so in what you gain. An initial consultation is always free and full quotes are provided upfront so you know exactly what you are paying before you make any commitment to buy so why not get in touch to find out more?